About Chip Gibbons

Chip Gibbons is a writer whose work has focused on civil liberties, US Foreign Policy, social movements, and the Middle East. His work has been published in the past on Truthout, DissentNewsWire, and Counterpunch, amongst other publications. He has maintained the blog "Exiting Emerald" intermittently since 2011.                         

He has been active on defending the civil liberties of Palestinian human rights activists. In 2014, he testified before the Maryland General Assembly on a bill aimed at punishing academic associations supportive of Palestinian human rights. He gave presentations about the attempts to censor supporters of Palestinian human rights at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic National Lawyers Guild Conference and Left Forum 2014. 

He attended Bard College, where he majored in History and Political Studies. He later received a Juris Doctorate at American University Washington College of Law, where he was also co-director of the National Lawyers Guild chapter.

He completed an undergraduate thesis on the Central American Peace and Solidarity Movement. He has studied both as an undergraduate and as a law student the effects of anti-terrorism legislation on the First Amendment rights of solidarity activists. 

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